Rok 2023

Doctoral Students Conference at the University of Finance and Administration 2023 Presentation of the results of social science research with economic and financial effects (10th annual conference) University of Finance and Administration, November 15, 2023

PDF, 2.4 MB

Felix Florian Balz
How did the interest rate risk influence the German real estate economy?    
PDF , 823 kB

Oskar Crnadak, Hana Lipovská 
Vliv inflace a úrokové sazby na nemovitostní trh v České republice
PDF, 3.3 MB

Adam Černohorský, Vladimír Nulíček
Controlling jako významný faktor ovlivňující odolnost MSP    

PDF, 3.6 MB

Hana Flusková, Jakub Fischer
Analýza vztahu koeficientu ekonomické náročnosti a mezd zaměstnanců fakult veřejných vysokých škol
PDF, 3.8 MB

Linus Holzmann, Jenna Huppertz 
The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank – The importance of proactive risk management in order to prevent financial contagion    
PDF, 624 kB

Jenna Huppertz 
Exploring the Inflation-GDP Growth Relationship in Germany: A Mild Positive Linear Association
PDF, 599 kB

Vladimír Petrík
Improving Compliance and Sales Cooperation in Banks: a Preliminary Study
PDF, 821 kB

Michael Pirgmann
The Evolution of CBDC in G20 Economies Design, Progress and Strategy
PDF, 744 kB

Eleonora Salzmann
Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) – Index performance: empirical study on Eurozone data
PDF, 605 kB

Frederik Schröder
Why House Prices Increased in the COVID-19 Recession: Evidence from Germany
PDF, 444 kB

Moritz Sohns
The General Semimartingale Model with Dividends
PDF, 1.1 MB

Zdeněk Truhlář
Impact of inflation targeting on a selected indicator of the real economy
PDF, 714 kB

Ivan Vassilyev
An Approach to Explain Bank Runs with Game Theory
PDF, 714 kB

Mária Vojtasová, Rastislav Solej
Factors affecting Academic Performance in Econometrics:  interests, abilities and attitudes