Bachelor’s Study

Information about the accredited bachelor’s study programmes

University of Finance and Administration provides a full-time as well as part-time mode of study. In the course of study the university has a personal approach towards its students, it accommodates them by providing individual consulting, helps them in various forms and ensures a friendly ambience.

Employment of graduates

The graduates of our bachelor’s study programmes always find good employment in companies, institutions, public administration or they make their own business. Many of them take a follow-up master’s study programme and some of them use the possibility of the concurrent study of  BSBA or MBA in English, the so called  „Global program“.

Completion of study

Passing a state final exam, defending a bachelor thesis and awarding the Bc. degree.

Study programmes in Czech


programmedegreePrague PRKarlovy Vary KVMost MO
Applied Informatics Bc.F+P--
Finance Bc.F+P--
Marketing Communication Bc.F-F
Economics and Management Bc.F+PF+P-
Security and Law Studies Bc.F+P-F+P
Criminology and forensic disciplines Bc.F+PF+P-
Law and Business Bc.F+PF+P-

PR - Prague,  KV - Karlovy Vary,  MO - Most

F - full-time,  P - part-time

Study programmes in English


programmedegreePrague PRKarlovy Vary KVMost MO
Marketing Communication [EN] Bc.F--
Economics and Management [EN] Bc.F--

PR - Prague,  KV - Karlovy Vary,  MO - Most

F - full-time,  P - part-time

„Global program“

University of Finance and Administration together with City University of Seattle offers the so called “Global program”.  In the course of their bachelor’s programme study students may also attend the study programmes organized by City University of Seattle and extend their education with the American BSBA degree. For more information click on here.