Economics and Management

programme:  Economics and Management
area of education:Economics
faculty:Faculty of Economics
Prague: full-time, part-time
Karlovy Vary: full-time, part-time
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The objective of this programme is to make students link their theoretical knowledge with practical application through the study subjects primarily focused on activities of individual business units. It is based on economic and critical thinking which is focused on entrepreneurial spirit, business, creativity, ability to present and communicate, on an active access to the world and an open mind to new ways of making business. The stress is laid on exact thinking based on verified qualitative and quantitative data, ability to work with it and ability to work with information and presentation systems. Entrepreneurship is presented from the scientific point of view as a sequence of mutually interlinked projects and processes of individual business units that are managed through strategic and operative planning and decision-making. Thanks to general and professional knowledge and skills, graduates will be able to react to changing market conditions in business.In the last year of study students will develop a real business plan which will be offered to potential investors through the Mini Day D.

Profile subjects

  • Business model
  • Macroeconomy
  • Microeconomy
  • Corporate management


The study programme ensures versatile preparation of managers of a middle management position in commercial corporations, holdings, in small-size and middle-size companies, in the sphere of home and foreign trade, in self-employment, family companies, in services or in non-profitable entities.

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Global program

The VSFS Bachelor degree program can be studied along with courses of BSBA from City University of Seattle, USA.