Information on the accredited programmes of the follow-up master’s study

University of Finance and Administration provides a full-time as well as part-time mode of study. The contents of study programmes are regularly assessed and adjusted according to current needs through re-accreditation. During the study the university has a personal approach to its students, it accommodates them by providing individual tutorials and it ensures a friendly ambience.

Successful graduation from a  bachelor’s study programme (obtaining a bachelor’s diploma) is a requisite for being admitted to the follow-up master’s study programme.

By taking a follow-up master’s study, graduates obtain a complete full-bodied university education. Unlike the bachelor’s study, the master’s study puts a great emphasis on learning comprehensive theoretical foundations of the given field, as well as on development of the skill to apply theory into practice. Therefore, our teachers pay great attention to linking theory with practice while taking into account its effects. The contents of study also involve making students familiar with the current trends of research development within the scope of the studied field and their current or prospective use in practice.

Employment of graduates

The graduates will find employment in professional and management positions of their specialization in companies, institutions, public administration or in their own businesses. A number of them takes the advantage of the concurrent study of MBA in English, the so called „Global program“.

Completion of study

Passing a state final exam, defending a diploma work and obtaining the Ing. degree. - Ing. or Mgr. – Master (depending on accreditation of the given field).

Study programs in Czech


programmedegreePrague PRKarlovy Vary KVMost MO
Applied Informatics Mgr.P--
Finance Ing.F+P--
Economics and Management Ing.F+PF+P-
Marketing Communication Mgr.F+P-F+P
Security Legal Studies Mgr.F+P-F+P
Criminology and forensic disciplines Mgr.F+PF+P-
Law and Business Mgr.F+PF+P-

PR - Prague,  KV - Karlovy Vary,  MO - Most

F - full-time,  P - part-time

Study programs in English


programmedegreePrague PRKarlovy Vary KVMost MO
Economics and Management [EN] Ing.F--
Marketing Communication [EN] Mgr.F--

PR - Prague,  KV - Karlovy Vary,  MO - Most

F - full-time,  P - part-time

„Global Program“

University of Finance and Administration offers, together with City University of Seattle, a global program which combines the master’s program of VŠFS with the MBA courses of City University of Seattle which may be taken by students while studying the accredited field of Marketing Communication or Economics and Management. 

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