Criminology and forensic disciplines

programme:  Criminology and forensic disciplines
area of education:Security disciplines
faculty:Faculty of Law and Administration
Prague: full-time, part-time
Karlovy Vary: full-time, part-time
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This three-year bachelor study programme  of the criminal and legal specialization has legal foundations and provides knowledge from the area of criminal law, criminalistics and criminology and forensics. The objective of this study programme is to make university students become specialists in specific legal and administrative occupations, where applying necessary legal regulations and  making use of knowledge  of  the relevant specialized areas makes the contents of their work.

Graduates of this bachelor study programme have sufficient deep knowledge of theoretical foundations of law - they have basic knowledge of the constitutional law.  They have minimum legal knowledge which is needed for some occupations.  The graduates are acquainted with current legal regulations of the relevant legal spheres. The stress is put on criminal law and knowledge of theory and foundation of criminal and forensic practice.  They are able creatively to apply them in solving and investigating criminal activities. They have sufficient knowledge of occurrence and causes of crime and social pathology, as well as of their prevention. Apart from the good knowledge of criminal law, they also have sufficient knowledge of criminology and criminalistics needed for development strategies needed for preventing public order and  enforcing law.

Profile subjects

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Criminal Documentation
  • Criminal Methodology
  • Criminal Tactics
  • Criminal Technology
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Forensic Psychiatry and Sexology
  • Theory of Law
  • Criminal Law 1
  • Criminal Law 2
  • Criminal and Legal Aspects of Public Administration
  • Introduction into Criminalistics and Natural Science
  • Selected Issues of Criminology


Graduates of Criminal and Legal Studies will be prepared to perform the posts of criminal and legal specialization in the middle- or lower-level management in an organization or institution. They may also find employment   as legal specialists in the public administration where they might be employed thanks to their wide knowledge of law criminalistics and forensic science. The general use of law in practical life is a cause of  many opportunities of employment, which do not necessarily have to be associated with state administration organizations.

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