Research and Development

Research and Development

By virtue of research activities we seek to provide our academic staff with conditions beneficial for their development, to reinforce relations between research and education, and to motivate students for research within their field of study. We pursue original and applicable knowledge in areas which are current and interesting for both experts and wider public. In doing so, we are aware of the fact that research and development are the key device for the reinforcement of competitive strength of the Czech Republic and Europe, and for the progress in general.

With respect to content, our projects proceed within the scope of programs accredited by the Ministry of Education, which guarantees room for original interdisciplinary themes, and thus themes challenging methodology and team-work coordination. We engage in domain of knowledge based society and human resources, modern society, public administration, sustainable development and energetics, applied informatics, European integration and capital market.

These themes are developed within projects of basic and applied research, commercial and consultancy activities, as well as supportive, developing and educational projects endowed by the European Union. Our cooperation with our national and foreign partners enables us to arrive at better effects including implementation. As a matter of course, these effects are published and presented within various organized or visited conferences.


Ing. Tomáš Vítek, Ph.D.
Department of Research and Development
University of Finance and Administration
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