Law and Business

programme:  Law and Business
area of education:Economics, Law
faculty:Faculty of Law and Administration
Prague: full-time, part-time
Karlovy Vary: full-time, part-time
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The aim of this programme is to provide students with professional knowledge of private and, up to a certain extent, public law.  Apart from the main disciplines of the valid law (civil law, administration law, financial law), students will also get educated in theoretical subjects and the relevant non-legal subjects (economy, management, psychology in business and criminology), which will show them how to work with legal information systems.  Graduates will have basic legal and technological skills, mainly interpretation of legal norms and their practical application. Graduates can, after having completed a three-year bachelor programme, continue their study in some of the follow-up master study programmes offered by our university.

Profile subjects

  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Foundations of the Administration Law
  • Foundations of the Financial Law
  • European Law
  • Economics 1
  • Banking Law
  • Theory of Law
  • Constitutional Law and the State


Graduates can be employed mainly in a private sector thanks to their wide knowledge in the area of civil law. They represent a highly qualified workforce ready to occupy responsible and demanding positions in large-scale and medium-scale companies and in all other areas of a private sector.  Thanks to the general applicability of law in practical life, graduates have the opportunity to do the wide range of occupations, which do not necessarily have to be connected only with the private but also with the state sector.  Graduates profit from the advantage obtaining knowledge of other non-legal sectors, which may be used when managing economic entities.

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