programme:  Finance
area of education:Economics
faculty:Faculty of Economics
Prague: full-time, part-time
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The study program acquaints students with the current state and trends of theory and practice of banking and financial investment. Besides the knowledge of general monetary economy and  theory of money, the graduate will also be equipped with specific knowledge of the nature and functioning of a wide range of banking and investment services and their application on financial markets. The student gains knowledge of the functioning of monetary and anti-inflationary policy, the necessary national economic outlook and the ability to assess thegiven  issue in broader economic and social contexts.

Key subjects:

  • Central Banking
  • Financial Analysis of Financial Services Providers
  • Commercial Banking
  • Economy and Management of Financial Services Providers
  • Investment Banking
  • Regulation and Supervision of Financial Services Providers
  • International Financial Markets

Possible graduate career:

A common feature of the professional profile of graduates in this program is active knowledge of at least one world language, ability to respond to new information technologies and to use them to gain data and information from multinational and national banks and other financial institutions. For this purpose, graduates will be equipped with knowledge of banking and financial investment in a globalizing economy and knowledge of retail financial services.

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