ongoing Projects

Information Center Europe Direct Most 

Duration of the project:

May 2007 - till now

Position of VŠFS in the project:

Hosting organization

Provider of the grant:

European Commission - General Directorate for Communication (DG COMM)

Guarantor of the project for VŠFS:

Ing. Josef Švec

Head of the Center:

Ing. Matěj Brůna


Address: EUROPE DIRECT Most,
Vysoká škola finanční a správní, a.s.,
Ulice Pionýrů 2806, 434 01 Most
Phone: (+420) 476 700 299
Map: on-line mapka

Brief contents:

The main mission of EUROPE DIRECT Most (hereinafter ED Most) is to inform wide public on the European Union. The main target group of ED Most is youngsters - students of primary and secondary schools, students of high schools and universities, as well as entrepreneurs and senior people.  VŠFS obtained a grant to found a center on the basis of a tender called up by the Representation of European Commission of the Czech Republic.


completed Projects

Small Regional Partnership

The small regional partnership which solves the issues of unequal position of women and people caring for children under 15  on the labour market in the region of Ústí and Karlovy Vary.

Operational programme Employment (registration number CZ.03.1.51/0.0/0.0/16_061/0003149)

Duration: July 1, 2017– June 30, 2019

This project has been developed in the context of regional agreements of employment used in Austria, which solve specific local issues of employment and which prevent from increasing unemployment of women while improving their position on the labour market. The project carries out, within the supported activities, a complex programme of supporting the target group through consulting and motivating, through seminars on developing professional competencies and through working stays in companies. 

The Practice Firms for 50+ 

The project is focused on creating a thematic network and implementation of a Practice Firm into lifelong learning education of adult population Fifty Up.
The Practice Firm is an effective tool for the development of practical business skills and knowledge. The aim of using the method of the Practice Firms is to train student´s initiative, independence, and also to provide its users with knowledge how to set up and run a company or their own business.

DEVELOPMENT West Bohemia - the development of partnerships in the territory of Ústí nad Labem, Plzeň and Karlovy Vary Regions

The project aims are to promote cooperation between business sector, institutions of tertiary education and research and development centers of business, government and non-profit organizations. Therefore one of its objectives is to create and put into practice the tools and activities that will lead to an increase of employability of the university and college students.

EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURS CAMPUS: Transfer, configuration and development of a multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education

The objective of this project is the configuration of a multidisciplinary model for promoting entrepreneurship in VET and higher education, by transferring and adapting innovative practices based on PPBL methodology and developed by IDEA, the entrepreneur centre of University of Southern Denmark. The model will include an evaluation system to measure results and impact of activities and tools transferred.
A major challenge will be to develop active cooperation within international partner network of 9 participating bodies from 5 European countries (universities, vocational training centres, small and medium enterprises). The beneficiary is CEDIT (Vocational Training Centre - Italy). Participating entities.

Interdisciplinary network of cooperation for policy development for sustainable development

University of Finance and Administration is one of eight partners in the project whose beneficiary is The Charles University Environment Centre.
The project´s aim is to establish a network of collaborating institutions and organizations and connect them with the existing international network of similar institutions (regional centres of expertise for sustainable development).
The University objective in the project:
• Organize practical traineeships for students in the North Bohemian enterprises
• Organize internships for three academics
• Provide its academics to teach selected soft skills modules.

Multiplier Effect of Post-Graduate Lifelong Learning of Scientific Workers in Regional Conditions

The project is focused on systematic increase in the innovation potential of Central Bohemian and North Bohemian scientific workers and college graduates whose activities include the preparation and realization of innovation projects

EQUIP – Open Education for the Economy of Knowledge

The project called EQUIP focused on the development of e-learning at the University of Finance and Administration has been finished recently.


Programe period 2004-2006

When the possibility to apply for a European social development financial subsidy for the realization of educational projects became available in 2004, VŠFS (Institute of Finance and Administration) was one of the first institutions to make use of this offer.

In the first period of the EU programme, into which the Czech Republic was taken as a member country in the years 2004-2006, VŠFS realized several unique educational programmes. One of them was for example the project called University of the Third Age, which was focused on the development of new literacies of aged people of the Most region. The project was favourably recognised not only by the successful participants in the educational courses but also by the Employment Office in Most.

Another project was focused on active, often highly educated and busy working people of higher age who are not willing to accept the passive role which some see as befitting the seniors, but are decided to enter old age as people needed by the others. The project was called Post-graduate courses of appreciation of life-long experience – the precondition for the prolongation of the horizon of voluntary productive employment in the professional markets, but it was called 'ARNOLD'. This project was extraordinarily successful as well. The result is the fact that the successful participants of this project, which call themselves 'arnolds', meet until this day and invite their instructors who they met during the project to their meetings.

In the programme period of 2004-2006 other projects were realized in VŠFS, such as 5+5 for More Valuable Study, orientated at the development of bachelor and master's study programme in the sphere of economics and international relations in English as well as Czech, or the project called Creation of Modularized Educational Programme for Internal Auditors, focused on the strengthening of personnel and professional capacities able to carry out the tasks of internal audits.