Partnership of SchoolsEducation for all generations
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The Partnership of Schools represents an extraordinary group of private schools of various levels. Beside the private University of Finance and Administration, it involves a group of schools under the Bank Academy: a multi-year grammar school, a high schooll and Magic schools – a nursery school and a elementaryschool.

The Magic schools are run according to the Montessori model. Their aim is to develop  content and balanced children who come to school with a joy and enthusiasm while obtaining solid  foundations for their further education at the same time.

Parents of  those little children who are talented may choose the faculty eight-year grammar school for their child when they reach the age of eleven. It is not late to start using the advantages of the Partnership of Schools even after finishing a elementary school. At the age of 15 students may enroll in the Bank Academy – the highschool, as well as in the Bank Academy – a multi-year grammar school.

After having passed the secondary school-leaving exams, it is possible to carry on studies at the University of Finance and Administration which offers also a part-time form of study that can be mastered even while having a job.

Quality is crucial

The Partnership of Schools in the Czech Republic is a unique complex of educational institutions. It guarantees interconnection and continuity of individual educational levels and fields, as well as a high quality of teaching, an individual attitude to students, excellent technological equipment and friendly environment with pleasant atmosphere in the course of studying. You may see for yourself on Open days which are held regularly by all types of schools joined in the Partnership.