The information on the admission process is provided by the Department of Study at study centres in PrahaMost and Karlovy Vary.

Open days

The open days represent an opportunity for an applicant to get familiar personally with the school and its representatives and to obtain any necessary information on VŠFS study.

More about Open days.

Applying for study

Submit an electronic application form or submit a printed application form ( PDF SEVT 49 145 0, 2 MB). The fee for submitting an electronic form is lower.

A certified copy of a secondary school leaving diploma, or recognition of a foreign diploma, has to be attached as well as a certificate of the settled admission fee. It is important to fill a selected replacement field in the form.

Dates of the admission process

The application form can be submitted by 31.8.2024. The school reserves the right to terminate or extend the date based on the capacity of the individual study programmes.

Applicants will be invited in writing for an interview by e-mail or post (if an e-mail address not stated in the application form).

Admission interview

The interview consists of talking to the representatives of VŠFS and obtaining the basic information on the school and study. Applicants bay take voluntary written tests from a foreign language and from the general knowledge about the selected field which they may correct themselves according to the provided key and thus they may assess their prerequisites for study.

Applicants for study programmes taught in English take a compulsory test in English or they have to submit a certificate which confirms their knowledge of English.

Applicants - foreigners who apply for study programmes taught in Czech take a compulsory entrance test from Czech.

Based on the identified problems of a students or his/her interests, VŠFS offers study consulting which should help the student to fill in the missing knowledge by the commencement of study or in the first year of study (courses of various fields which help brush up or deepen knowledge).

Fee for the admission procedure

300 CZK for electronic application form (payment possible in three ways: 
1.- postal order - A type, 2. - VŠFS account or 3. In cash upon the submission of the form - by the commencement of the admission process).

500 CZK for printed form (payment possible in three ways: 
1.- postal order - A type, 2. - VŠFS account or 3. In cash upon the submission of the form - by commencement of the admission process).

Account number: 177659927/0300 ČSOB Praha 1
Variable symbol: number of the application form or a birth certificate number of the applicant
Constant symbol under the postal order: 0309
Constant symbol for the bank: 0308
Specific symbol: 8131
Data for payment from a foreign country: IBAN CZ23 0300 0000 0001 7765 9927, BIC CEKO CZ PP

Tuition Fee

Information on tuition