Global Program B


CityU VSFS   

Global Program B is a special accelerated study program for students enrolled in VŠFS Bachelor Program who want to get competitive advantage in the labour market and/or increase their next study opportunities. You will experience different teaching methods, improve level of your English language proficiency and gain a lot of business experience.

Global Program B is combination of accredited Bachelor program at VŠFS and the BSBA, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program organised with City University of Seattle (U.S.A.). After three years of study, successful students obtain two titles. VŠFS shall grant the Bc. degree, BSBA is awarded by CityU.

VŠFS offers Global Program B in the following fields:
Economics and Management + BSBA (Management Emphasis)
Marketing Communication + BSBA (Management Emphasis)

Global Program B is developed to equip you with essential management skills that align strongly with the existing and emerging demands of what the World Economic Forum has described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The aim of the study program is to develop you into a highly competent analytical thinker, decision maker, and problem solver who can effectively navigate and operate within this shifting business world, which is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The program is designed for students seeking leading positions in corporate management or running their own business.