Doktorské studium
název programu:  Finance
vzdělávací oblast:Ekonomické obory
fakulta:Fakulta ekonomických studií
Praha: prezenční studium, kombinované studium


The aim of the doctoral study programme of Finance is to prepare graduates for mastering the general methodology of scientific work and to equip them with specialized knowledge, skills and abilities in the  area of financial markets and financial institutions, which should result in their original creative practices and research, as well as regular publication activities. All this will be reflected in an original and innovative dissertation.

The standard study period is 3 years.

Profile compulsory subjects:

  • Theory of financial markets and analysis of their stability
  • Financial institutions and their management
  • Quantitative methods of financial analysis
  • Methods of financial risks management
  • Macroeconomic theory and analysis
  • Methodology of science

Elective subjects

  • Derivative hedging
  • International financial relations
  • Theory and policy of insurance
  • Theory of corporate finance and controlling
  • Theory of public finance
  • Theory and performance of currrency policy

For more information on the subjects see the Catalogue of Subjects:

Study plan of the doctoral study

  1. The study plan specifies conditions that have to be met by the student in the relevant study programme in the course of study and at its due completion.
  2. The study plan is developed by the student at the beginning of his/her study under the guidance of his/her supervisor.
  3. The study plan contains a list of subjects of the doctoral study programme (with a distinction between compulsory and elective subjects, including the elective subject that will form part of the state final exam), planned  exam  dates, a draft name and schedule for elaborating the dissertation, rough dates of the state doctoral exam and dissertation defence.
  4. The following activites form part of the study plan:
    1. publishing of at least two articles in journals with peer review, related to the topic of the dissertation ( we recommend publishing one of these article in a journal registered in the Web of Science or Scopus database.  In case of joint authorship of the article the doctoral student has to be the first (corresponding) author with the contribution of at least 50%, only author shares are included in the publishing activity,
    2. making appearence in at least two conferences while publishing the contribution focused on the dissertation topic,
    3. participating in research done especially by the training workplace  and submitting its results (involvement in projects, publications, reviews, etc.), including international research activities  of the doctoral student based on the accreditation requirements,
    4. presenting research results on the discussion seminar of doctoral students or at the conference of doctoral studens of VŠFS at least twice within the study period,
    5. in case of the daily form of study -  teaching.
  5. The study plan is fulfilled under the guidance of a supervisor.

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Doktorské studium
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