Mission, shared values and vision of

the University of Finance and Administration


"We shall become your life-long partner in education and your indispensable guide through the 21st century leading you towards professional success."


"The mission of the University of Finance and Administration is to become a prominent, respected and sought-after institution of education and research providing its graduates with the prerequisites for their stable career growth as well as full personal development. Upon graduation they will gain competitive advantage and successfully advance in the labour market throughout their working lives."


  • High standard and quality of education and research and development
  • Credibility, professionalism and expertise
  • Freedom of expression and its presentation
  • Dynamism and flexibility responding to the development of the socio-economic environment
  • Helpful, partner-like and friendly relations
  • Lasting student and graduate links with the school
  • Respect, loyalty and responsibility towards the students and the school
  • Cooperation and information sharing


  • To build and to develop a high-quality tertiary education workplace of the university type
  • To focus primarily on business management, marketing communication, financial services, public administration sphere and applied law in our professional specialization
  • To become involved in the study and pedagogical activities of the European educational area
  • To concentrate on innovation and updating of the offer of studies, development of high quality and standard in providing the educational process and related services
  • To keep innovating and to further enlarge the portfolio of non-accredited educational products
  • To offer specialized educational programmes of interdisciplinary character for graduates of other institutions in tertiary education
  • To provide new programmes in the system of lifelong learning reflecting up-to-date demand
  • To increase the share of basic research financed from external sources (Czech Science Foundation, Seventh Framework Programme, Operational Programmes) and to participate in international projects in our science and research work
  • To continue increasing the managerial attractiveness of the MBA programmes in cooperation with our partners
  • To provide other services to students in extracurricular activities, to create an alumni network and a programme for supporting gifted students
  • To develop our own publishing and editorial activity for both internal and external market
  • To use modern methods in line with best practice in the management of the school
  • To create effective support for all areas of the school's activity by securing a high standard of material and technical equipment

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