Marketing Communication

программа:  Marketing Communication
образовательная область:Экономические дисциплины, Медиа и коммуникации
факультет:Факультет социальных учений
Прага: очная форма обучения
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MC study programme is aimed at complex build up of students´  professional competencies and theoretical background, in order to prepare them for  an active participation in various MC field of competence namely business and media.Objective of the MC programme is to provide university level of education based on balanced interdisciplinary mix of modern and classical economics, sociology and psychology.Consequently MC study programmes will facilitate students´practical know-how stemming from u-to-date MC trends  (incl.specific  marketing and media related techniques and methods).

Profile subjects

  • Marketing communication structure
  • Digital marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Modern management
  • Sociology
  • Consumption culture
  • Psychology of marketing communication
  • Customer relationship management
  • Economy

Job opportunities

MC porgramme graduates would find interesting challenges/positions both in profit and non-profit organisations  as middle managers and/or specialist in the MC field of competence ( i.e. PR,advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and also as consultants for personal selling).

Учебные планы

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