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Human Capital
and Investment in Education
XIXth annual international conference

Year 2006

Barriers of effectiveness and competitive advantages in global competition


  1. Improved effectiveness of educational processes – a key for implementing reforms in social investment and social insurance systems.
  2. Theoretical tools to analyse human and social capital.
  3. Psychological, social and economic aspects in creating social networks in companies, regions and institutions.

The focus of the Conference follows from results of previous eight conferences that laid the basis for specifying the general conception as well as individual topics that will be discussed in separate sessions. That also reflects priorities worth of attention. The baseline it that both the deliberations on the topic of human capital and investments in education so far, as well as real developments in society confirmed the dollowing:

  • To what extent barriers in effective improvements in attaining higher education can be overcome, to that extent competitive advantages can be used in global competition.
  • Improved effectiveness in education is also a key to implementing reforms in social investiment a social insurance systems, especially the pension system and the healthcare financing one.
  • There are a number of efficient theoretical tools to analyse human and social capital such as statistical, social scientific ones, microeconomic, macroeconomic, theory of games, etc.
  • In interdisciplinary approach to the usilisation of human capital in companies, regions and institutions a major role is played by psychological, social and economic aspects of creating social network.

PDF Book of proceedings 2006 /Czech language/, 12.6 MB

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