Studying MBA at VŠFS? No doubt!

Interview with Ing. arch. Klára Houštecká, graduate from the MBA international study program at VŠFS.

1. Why did you choose MBA at Vysoká škola finanční a správní?

Definitely, cooperation with foreign universities belonged among my top criteria and, concurrently, the possibility of studying in English language, flexibility and, of course, the cost of study.

Based on these criteria, I had selected two schools to consider. The decisive factor was then a recommendation from a circle of my friends. City University of Seattle and VŠFS, too, have a really good reputation and the graduates I know got great jobs, so there was no need to hesitate.

2. What were your expectations before you started studying MBA?

My field of work is architecture and urbanism where it is not easy to gain knowledge about management, marketing, finance and other related fields. So, the expectation was clear – to learn more about business as such, deepen the knowledge I already had, and – after my experience as an employee – gain an insight into the management of large companies.

3. What was your experience as a student of the MBA program?

Absolutely above expectations. Right after the first course, I knew that I would not regret the decision to study MBA, and I did not change my opinion throughout my studies even though studying takes a lot of time and devotion. Over the course of my studies, I learned a lot of new information, used it quite a lot in practice and, most importantly, understood what is necessary to run a successful company. So, the study definitely exceeded my expectations.

4. The advantage of MBA programs is that students get not only knowledge but also connections and contacts. Did the study meet your expectations in this regard?

The truth is that this was not my intention or the reason why to study. Nevertheless, I must confirm that I met many interesting people here and I believe we will stay in touch in future.

5. You also used the opportunity and studied one term in Seattle via CityU Mobility. Can you tell us about the preparations?

Due to the fact that VŠFS has a great team of people who helped me with everything, the preparations were not complicated for me at all. I only had to fill in several questionnaires and the MBA Program Coordinators arranged everything for me, for which I was really grateful.

I think that every experience like this is priceless.