CityU VSFS      CAMBAS           

  • Study in Prague at the location of the City University of Seattle, USA (cooperation since 2002)
  • American study program at affordable price in the heart of Europe
  • Program taught fully in the English language
  • Flexible study hours and above-standard student service
  • Experienced international faculty members – experts active in their professional fields
  • A wide range of options to choose from Bachelor´s and Master´s programs
  • New curriculum also covers topics like AI, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Cyber Security
  • Opportunity to spend a term in Seattle or any other CityU location with no change of tuition
  • American diploma recognized all over the world including the Czech Republic
  • CityU programs accredited by NWCCU and ACBSP in the USA and by MŠMT and CAMBAS in the Czech Republic
  • eLibrary with over 300,000 of resources, library with physical books difficult to access in the Czech Republic also available 
  • Annually ranked in the top of Best Online Programs by the U.S. News & World Report

City University of Seattle is based in the State of Washington, USA. Since its establishment in 1973, CityU has been relentlessly reimagining its study programs in order to provide career-relevant education for the constantly volatile world of today. CityU is located in an attractive place, in the town of Seattle which belongs among the global hubs with its services, trade and hi-tech industry. It is the headquarters of Amazon, Boeing, Google, Starbucks, Microsoft. In 2022, CityU was selected as an education partner for Amazon´s Career Choice Program.

The CityU study programs are suitable for those who want something more, who want to spark their current or future career. You will be successful both in Czech and international companies, or develop your own business. You will significantly improve your English.

It is possible to study the MBA program independently, or, like the BSBA program, along with with the VŠFS study programs, and obtain two university diplomas and degrees together with significant financial and time savings.