Global Program M


CityU VSFS   

Global Program M is a special, extended study program for students enrolled in VŠFS Master´s Program who want to get more from their studies. This program will thoroughly prepare you to enter today´s world of business that is often uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. You will experience different teaching methods, improve level of your English language proficiency and gain a lot of business experience.

Global Program M is combination of accredited Master program at VŠFS and the MBA program organised with City University of Seattle (U.S.A.). After two years of study, successful students obtain two titles. VŠFS shall grant the Ing./Mgr. degree, MBA degree is awarded by CityU.

VŠFS offers Global Program M in the following fields:
Economics and Management + MBA with Global Management Emphasis
Marketing Communication + MBA with Marketing Emphasis

Regardless the recommended combinations, other combinations with Master programs at VŠFS are also possible (for more information please contact our MBA/BSBA Office).

You can customize the MBA part of the program to your personal career goals through our emphasis areas, which include Management, Marketing and Finance.

Global Program M will position you for advancement into managerial roles while sharpening your business acumen and communication skills. The program was developed in partnership with representatives from key industries who provided valuable input regarding what successful business leaders need to understand, master, and apply within an organization. It will prepare you to lead, manage and grow diverse organizations or your own company. We are confident the skills you will learn here will prepare you for success.