Global Program M


CityU VSFS   

VŠFS students enrolled in Master's programs may enter a special, extended study program, Global Program M.

Global Program M is combination of accredited Master program at VŠFS and the MBA program organised with City University of Seattle. After two years of study, successful students obtain two titles. VŠFS shall grant the Ing./Mgr. degree recognized throughout the EU. MBA is awarded by City University of Seattle and is valid in the U.S. and internationally.

VŠFS offers Global Program M in the following fields:
Economics and Management + MBA with Global Management Emphasis
Marketing Communication + MBA with Marketing Management Emphasis

Regardless the recommended combinations, other combinations with Master programs at VŠFS are also possible (for more information please contact our MBA/BSBA Office).

MBA emphasis areas are Global Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management.

Global Program M is designed for students with excellent knowledge of English, seeking leading positions in corporate management or running their own business. Content of the study is focused on fostering interpersonal skills, decisions making, critical analysis, cultural awareness, new technologies, sustainability, business planning and innovative thinking. Students will emerge with the leadership and analytical abilities necessary in an international environment and global society.