Student testimonials

My MBA studies

Ing. Michaela Taschnerová, MBA

Studying MBA at City University was huge experience for me in the first place. I applied for studies without any extra expectations and I was pleasantly surprised from the very beginning. The aim of the program is to develop and improve experience and skills mainly of top managers both in Czech and foreign companies and gain prestigious degree after two-year study program. I really appreciated the great team of people and most of all the different teaching style compared to that one I´d been used to. The work in teams and overall focus on gaining practical experience was the cornerstone of regular weekend sessions.

I must admit the study program was sometimes really challenging, depending on certain module which was on schedule. It happened I studied subjects I hadn´t come across before. I must concede Financial Mathematics gave me a hard time. Studying was demanding both financially and in terms of time. Concurrently I was studying another master program (at VŠFS) and worked full-time at that time. I often realized that I completely cut down my own private life but I DON'T REGRET NOW. This school strengthen me against all kinds of stressful situations and equipped me with theoretical but most of all practical knowledge which is priceless in today´s world.

The graduate student works as a Marketing, Event and PR Manager at Oberbank AG.