iTEP Academic is very efficient, secure, accurate, and affordable way for colleges, universities, and intensive English programs (IEPs) to measure the English proficiency of applicants and students. The iTEP Academic is specially tailored to test the skills needed for higher education and the workplace.

iTEP International was founded in 2002 by career international educators. iTEP uses the best technology available.

What is iTEP?

The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) evaluates the language aptitude of individuals interested in study or employment where English as a second language is required.

As a five-skill English proficiency test, iTEP measures the candidate’s abilities in grammar, reading, listening, writing, and speaking within 90 minutes, with score reports available within 24 hours.

Why iTEP?

  • Convenient
    On-demand scheduling available at our test center
  • Fast
    The test lasts no more than 90 minutes and, results are available within five business days.
  • Practical
    Test-taker data, photos, test scores, and speaking plus writing samples are available to partner institutions online anytime.
  • Comprehensive
    iTEP Academic assesses five core skills plus a variety of linguistic sub-skills, giving you a detailed and useful score report.

iTEP Academic exam is commonly used for

  • Admissions decisions
  • Placement of students within language programs
  • Curriculum development and guiding course instruction
  • Progress monitoring from program entry to exit
  • Assessing the proficiency of English language teachers
  • Determining eligibility for scholarships and academic grants

Test format & delivery

iTEP exams are delivered via the certified iTEP test center at VSFS. The examinee completes the test in the following manner:

  • Grammar, Listening and Reading sections, the examinee clicks on one of four answer choices for each question.
  • Writing samples are typed directly into a text-entry field.
  • Speaking samples are recorded with a headset and microphone at the examinee’s computer
  • Each section has a time limit. If an examinee completes a section with time left, s/he may use the extra time to advance to the next section.


The test will determine an overall proficiency level from 0 (Beginner) to 6 (Mastery), as well as individual proficiency levels from 0 to 6 for each of the skills and sub-skills tested. The overall scores combine the results of the skill sections, and for greater accuracy, they are expressed to one decimal point (from 0.0 to 6.0). The test is graded as follows:

  • The grammar, listening, and reading sections are scored automatically by iTEP software.
  • Each test section is weighed equally, and there is no penalty in the multiple-choice sections for guessing or incorrect answers.
  • The writing and speaking sections are evaluated by native English-speaking, ESL-trained professionals, according to a standardized scoring rubric.
  • The official score report presents an individual’s scoring information, displaying an examinee’s strengths and weaknesses in each of the skills and sub-skills tested.

How can candidates prepare for the test? 

iTEP offers a variety of preparation materials including comprehensive study manuals and English practice tests according to the candidate’s level.


iTEP is affordably priced with VSFS – 1 990 CZK / test

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