Mode of study

Lessons are scheduled within 12 weeks in the semester.

Winter semester: October – December, January Examination period.
Summer semester: February – April, May – August Examination period.

Students can take examinations at time during the academic year.
State final examinations: June, August and November, January (on Economics only).

Full-time form of study

Lessons are available daily, in the form of lectures and exercises, Monday - Friday according to the schedule.

Part-time form of study

Lessons takes place once every 14 days (6 times per semester), in the form of tutorials, which take place on Friday from 2.00 pm (exceptionally in the morning) to 8.45 pm and on Saturday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm according to the schedule.

Individual study plan, individual fulfillment of study duties

In justified cases, the student can arrange for individual consultations with teachers, additional assignments and deadlines for fulfilling study duties, always at the beginning of the semester.