Admission procedure

Information concerning the admission procedure in Doctoral programme is available in Information Centre in Prague and Research and Development Department VSFS (

Programme: Finance

Maximum admitted students: 10

The programme runs in the English language in Prague.


  1. Signed structure professional CV, including further education and international internships and studies at international schools.
  2. Documents confirming the completed university education in master or post-graduate programme (certified copy of diploma and final report or schedule to diploma). UFA graduates do not need to submit any certified copies of the documents. Applicants who by the end of the admission period lack any of the document will send the same as soon as they receive them, but no later than 3 days before registration in the programme. Students studying abroad shall submit acknowledgement of equivalence of their diploma and schedule to diploma (unless an international agreement stipulates otherwise).
  3. Topic of the defended Diploma Thesis and summary thereof (max. 2 pages).
  4. A list of the student´s published expert articles and papers; or a statement the students has not published any expert paper yet.
  5. An expert article concentrating on (or at least related to) the topic of the future Doctor Thesis, including literature relied on in the article, approx. 5 A4 pages (spacing 1, font 12).
  6. Intended structure of the Doctor Thesis and a list of literature relevant to the topic of the Thesis.
  7. A receipt of paid admission fee.


Any and all documents required for the admission procedure shall be submitted by the applicant in both paper and electronic form.

The admission procedure is held in English

We strongly recommend each applicant to consult the topic of their PhD Thesis with their tutors!!!

A list of topics for Doctor Theses and tutors is available in section “Doctoral Programme - Basic Information”



Admission closes on

31. 7. 2022

Admission Examination Date:

Applicant will be invited to admission examination in writing. The examination will take place in September.

Admission Examination:

Admission examination comprises of 2 parts:

  1. An interview concerning the expert paper submitted as a part of the application.
  2. English language. 
  • Read a general economic text (15-20 lines), summarize its content.
  • Discuss the applicant´s specialisation and intentions concerning their Doctoral Programme.

Language communication skills are expected on Level B2 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, including knowledge of general economic terminology.

Admission test evaluation:

Each part of admission test is evaluated with following grades:
1 - Excellent
2 – Very Good
3 - Good
4 - Failed

Should the applicant be in any part of the admission test evaluated with grade “4 – Failed”, then the applicant failed in the admission test.

Every applicant will be advised of their (non-)admission to the Doctoral Programme in writing within 14 days from the date of admission test or from any substitute date of the admission test. Admitted applicants will be provided instructions for enrolment and beginning of the academic year.

Admission Fee:

CZK 1000 upon filing an application (payment slip A, bank order to UFA´s bank account; in cash in UFA´s cash desk); not later than to first day of admission period).
Account No. 177659927/0300 ČSOB Praha 1
Variable symbol: 8135 or UČO (University Identification Number, if assigned)
Constant symbol in payment slip A: 0309
Constant symbol in bank order: 0308
Specific symbol: 201603
Payment from abroad: IBAN CZ23 0300 0000 0001 7765 9927, BIC CEKO CZ PP

Please write your full name in the note of the payment.