Preparing final theses and specialized scientific publications

VŠFS methodology for preparation of the final thesis - available in IS 

Publications about theses preparation available in the VŠFS library  

Textbooks VŠFS  (authentication via IS VŠFS)

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Useful sites and materials:

  • Principles of scientific work, citation ethics, plagiarism - Infogram portal
  • Where and how to search for information sources when writing the final theses - freely available "Information Work Course"
  • Learn how to distinguish trustworthy sources of information here a here
  • How to do research and work with information – some inspiration here
  • You can learn a lot about search, search engines, scientific databases, and citing in the publication "Socio-economic information and work with it"

Tools for writing professional publications and scientific articles:

Professional publishing titles available in the VŠFS library


Video for inspiration:

Milan Špála - Citation and Ethical Aspects of Creating Scientific Scientific Publications (Current International Practices) from KISK on Vimeo.

-How to write scientific articles

- Writing scientific articles and abstracts

- Written communication – part of the cycle of creative scientific work

- Stylistics of professional writing

- Methodology of professional writing

- The structure of scientific articles

Predatory and Fraudulent Magazines - A Problem of Scientific Publishing

- Portal "Antipredator"