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Magazine in the field of mass media and marketing communication, published by the Faculty of Mass Media Communications of the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Studies of VŠFS in Prague. Can be downloaded for free to iPad or iPhone.

Directory of open access journals.
Database of freely accessible journals, currently about 9,800 titles, of which 560 are in economics and management.

Elektronische Zeitschriftbibliothek
Project of the University of Regensburg. At one place, access to more than 43,700 freely available titles. E.g. 5,900 titles in economics, 2,100 in sociology, 2,700 in political science...

Finance and credit / Finance a úvěr
Full texts of articles from the magazine.

Journal of Comptetitiveness
Professional scientific journal FME UTB Zlín in Management and Economics - full texts of articles.

Sociological magazine / Sociologický časopis
Full texts of articles from the magazine.

Statistics - Journal of Official Statistics
Full texts of articles from CZSO magazine


Archive for the History of Economic Thought
Project of Canadian McMaster University. The archive focuses on the full texts of major economic works from the Middle Ages to the first half of the 20th century. E.g. Babbage, Bacon, Dunbar, Hume, Keynes, Locke, Marx, von Mises, Montesquieu, Pareto, Rousseau, Smith ...
The Cornell University Project contains nearly 908,400 freely accessible preprints, scientific and technical reports, dissertations, etc. from six disciplines, including finance, mathematics, statistics and computer science.


Bookboon e-books (for students free of charge) were written by highly respected professors from the best universities in the world and relate to issues of economics, statistics, information technology, engineering, and natural sciences.

CERGE-EI Working Papers
Freely accessible scientific articles from CERGE-EI.

Competitive Intelligence
This website will help you get into Competitive Intelligence. It will give you access to all relevant texts, up-to-date information, and relevant CI resources.

Computing Research Repository
Freely accessible digital archive of articles from all areas of computer technology.

Czech Digital Mathematics Library

Digital repository of VŠB-TUO, Faculty of Economics. In addition to the records of all theses, it contains full texts of the publishing activities of the Faculty's staff.

Econlib - The library of economics and liberty
Full texts of classic works in the fields of economics, history, political science and philosophy (von Mises, Hayek, Mill, Hume, Keynes ...)

EconPort is a project of the University of Arizona - Laboratory of Economic Sciences. It is a collection of microeconomics teaching materials, economic manuals and instructional texts for educational games focused on game theories, integrated with on-line resources. It also contains active objects, such as software for teaching experiments.

ECS EPrints Repository
Project of Southampton University, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science. It contains about 11500 articles from all areas of informatics.

Financial newspapers / Finanční noviny

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Publications
Full texts of International Monetary Fund publications - Working Papers, Country Reports, Economics Issues ...
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Marketing portal. Articles, research reports, tutorials.

Online catalog of useful economic and social materials
The catalog is part of the Econlib Virtual Economic Library, managed by the VŠE and CERGE-EI libraries. It is a signpost on interesting pages from economics and border science areas.

Liberal Institute / Liberální Institut
Freely accessible full texts of the authors of the Liberal Institute

London School of Economics Research Online
Digital archive of LSE staff publications. Search, Subject Subdivision. 3000 entries, of which 1300 in full text.

Ludwig von Mises Institute
Articles of this non-governmental non-profit research organization. Main topics: classical liberalism, libertarian political theory and Austrian economic school.

Comprehensive mathematical reference database. From the history of mathematics through algebra and statistics to geometry and topology.

MIT OpenCourseWare
Freely available lectures and exercises from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Bachelor and master level. Among other things, management, economics, history, political science, languages, philosophy ...

NBER - National Bureau of Economics Research
Full Texts of Working Papers of this Non-Governmental Nonprofit Research Organization. It deals primarily with the development of new statistical methods, quantitative models of economic behavior and the impact of government decisions on the economy.


Multidisciplinary signposting through repositories of freely available scientific information.

Research Papers in Economics
RePEc is a joint project of hundreds of volunteer organizations from 55 countries, aiming to increase the level of new knowledge in the field of economics. The heart of the project is a decentralized database of business notes, magazine articles and software components. Most contributions to the RePEc project are freely available.

Full-text free webzine published by the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Partially freely accessible books, periodicals and OECD statistical databases.

Common Czech-Slovak Digital Parliamentary Library
The Digital Library is a joint project of the Czech and Slovak Parliament, which includes the Parliamentary Library, the Department of Informatics of the Office of the Chamber of Deputies and the Department of Information Technology of the Senate Chancellery for the Czech Party and the Parliamentary Library, the Parliamentary Archives and the Department of Informatics of the Office of the National Council of the Slovak Republic.
Freely available materials (articles, studies, presentations ...) from management and marketing. I recommend the "Publications" and "Knowledge Base" sections.
The National Register of Theses, 40 universities from the Czech and the Slovak Republic. Search for abstracts, Masaryk University and University of South Bohemia are available as well as full texts.

Total Economy Database
Project of the University of Groningen. Database of economic indicators for 124 countries with retrospective since 1950. GDP, population, unemployment...

Charles University / Univerzita Karlova - Moodle
E-learning portal of Charles University, some courses are also open to the public.

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School
Free accessible reviewed working papers of this academic institution.

Golden Fund of Czech economic thought / Zlatý fond českého ekonomického myšlení
Texts written by Czech economists 1850-1933.

European Union

EU Bookshop -EU publications
All major EU documents available online free of charge. All in English, essential texts in other official languages, including Czech. Rich search options from different perspectives.

N-Lex - the right of individual EU members
N-Lex is the portal for access to EU legislation. It allows browsing of national portals through a single interface.

EU legislation

EUR-Lex provides direct free access to European Union law. The system allows access to the Official Journal of the European Union and includes, among other things, treaties, legislation, customary law and draft legislation. It offers a number of search options.

Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

Definitions of Company Extensions around the World

Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary

The Business Glossary

Online Marketing Dictionary

Financial Dictionary

Glossary of Statistics

Výkladový slovník z oblasti pojišťovnictví

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures