International university education

Acknowledgement of international university education

Procedure to Acknowledge International University Education and Qualification in the Czech Republic under the Universities Act

Academic acknowledgement of international university education is decided exclusively by public universities and institutes (private universities have no such right), particularly the public university or institute that offers an accredited programme covering similar field of study.

All accredited programmes at Czech universities and institutes are available on the website of Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, section Tertiary Education.

Should there be any doubt regarding the corresponding programme of study, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth will select the appropriate university or institute or make the acknowledgement decision instead of the university.

Documents required for acknowledgement of international university education

  1. Completed application to acknowledge international education;
  2. Authenticated (notarized) copy of diploma or another document confirming completion of study programme;
  3. Diploma Supplement or a summary of passed examinations;
  4. Information confirming the study programme was provided by an institution authorised to provide education corresponding to university education as specified by the law.

Unless the documents enclosed to the application are in the Czech or English language, the applicant will have the documents officially translated into Czech under Act No. 36/1967 Sb., on court-appointed experts and interpreters.

The University may require a higher authentication/legalisation of diplomas (i.e. authentication of signatures and stamps/seals attached to the diploma usually by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of the issuing university´s registered office) and following further authentication (in Czech “superlegalizace”) by the Embassy of the Czech Republic, unless an international agreement stipulates otherwise (exceptions from the super-legalisation duty are specified in bilateral agreements and the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, or the Apostille Convention).

In the proceedings to acknowledge the international university education the subjects and the scope thereof with the programme of accredited subjects provided by a Czech public university. If there are identified significant discrepancies in the compared programmes or if the diploma is awarded by an international institution that is not in the country of its residence acknowledged as a university, the application will accordingly be rejected. If the international university education is acknowledged, the applicant will receive a decision to acknowledge university education with enclosed certificate confirming equality of the education completed in a corresponding type of programme in a Czech public university; if applicable, accompanied also with a certificate confirming the right to use the title awarded by the international university.

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