Student Facilities

University club TIM

VŠFS has its own catering in the university club TIM which is placed in the building of  Estonská in Prague.Students and employees may select from a daily offer of four meals, a salad buffet and from other supplementary range of food. Vending machines with light  refreshments and drinks are placed in the other buildings of VŠFS.

The university club also provides a social room equipped with billiards and two football game tables.

Rest areas

There are rest areas situated in all university buildings. These are the places where students can rest, they are equipped with sofas and tables, and with free wifi.

Online teaching

For the needs of online teaching, which is becoming the standard quality in education, the university has the necessary equipment in teachers' rooms and classrooms. Five classrooms are equipped for personal and distance learning at the same time.

IT facilities

All VŠFS classrooms have standard IT facilites - a PC, a projector and audio.

Furthermore, there are five computer labs for teaching IT related subjects, the total capacity of which is 120 PCs.

The school also has a multimedia center for creating audiovisual materials, a conference center and a lecture hall for organizing conferences and social events with the possibility to make recordings and broadcast online.

Every VŠFS building is covered by a wifi connection, which is able to serve over 1000 connected devices.

All PCs are equipped with standard software – Windows, MS Office, three most popular web browsers, IBM SPSS statistics, good quality antivirus, etc.

The most advanced information system for managing studies which is available non-stop – IS VŠFS.

The center of librarian services – online catalogue Portaro, an authorised entry into the databases EBSCO Ebooks, ProQuest Central, Monitora, ASPI.

The central electronic entrance into buildings.

Servers with development environments for all popular platforms, including mobile ones for IT teaching.