Security Legal Studies

programme:  Security Legal Studies
field of study:Security disciplines
faculty:Faculty of Law and Administration
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The study field of Security and Law Studies, included in the study programme of the same name Security and Law Studies, is designed as a follow-up Master's Degree study field in the management-security, law and forensic sciences which has a direct connection to the related Bachelor's Degree field of study with the same focus and it is its continuation. In the full scope of the current knowledge in the field, it offers an extensive range of knowledge, skills and abilities, especially in the field of security issues, law, criminalistics, criminology and forensic sciences, with an emphasis on their application within the frame of operation in various organizations and institutions directly related to ensuring internal and external security of a state, activities of the state organizations and institutions or specialized bodies operating abroad, but also within the private sector.

The graduates can realize a comprehensive programme of effective prevention, and they know how to plan, organize, manage and control all security operations in the organization. They can evaluate legal, economic, technical, psychological and other aspects of security. The graduates can fully participate in the operations of critical infrastructure of the state and act with a high level of technical expertise. They will acquire the knowledge, skills and practical habits which create the preconditions for the successful performance of the function of the Security Specialist Manager at any level of management. The graduates are competent to work with scientific and technical resources and with the legal information systems; they can also make use of various research methods and strategies and act in harmony with ethical aspects of security management. They are prepared for effective collaboration with the authorities and institutions of the state and public administration, e.g., with the Police of the Czech Republic, Municipal Police, Customs Administration, Prison Service of the Czech Republic, Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic, and state and public administration bodies. The graduates can coordinate or develop illegal activities’ prevention programmes as well as socio-pathological phenomena prevention programmes.

Profile subjects

  • Applied Criminal Law
  • Security Management and Integrated Rescue System
  • Security Sciences
  • Evidence in Criminal Proceedings
  • Forensic Tactical Methods
  • Criminalistics – theory and methodology
  • Crisis Management in Public Administration
  • Probation and Mediation Service
  • Security Protection System of the Czech Republic
  • Theory of Internal Security

Career opportunities

The graduates in the follow-up master’s study programme Security and Law Studies are optimally prepared to perform highly qualified activities in the position of a Security Manager (specialist) at the level of middle, senior or top management in the area of ensuring trouble-free security rules in the state administration, security forces and the private sector. This field of study provides an extremely wide range of career opportunities, especially in the situation of the expected security situation developments, which reflect world affairs, politics and economy.

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