Marketing Communication

programme:  Marketing Communication
area of education:Economics, Media and Communication Studies
faculty:Faculty of Economics
Prague: full-time

Objective of the MC study programme is to provide to students  an up-dated knowledge about  global marketing, marketing strategy and managerial economics incl. Skill-set for MC effectivity evaluation/measurement od the related processes. This programme is stemming from Bachelor level of MC studies and develope  further more students´ level of understanding of marketing, customer behaviour and modern social life.

Profile subjects

  • Global  marketing
  • Social networks marketing
  • Marketing management of foreign trade
  • Media and culture
  • Marketing communication sociology
  • Sociological research in marketing
  • Psychology of customer behaviour
  • Press secretary
  • Economy

Job opportunities

MC master level programme will provide job opportunities in business/ media sectors  for example marketing manager  and freelancer(specialist) in branding, PR, various advertising and marcom agencies. Graduate´s profile will provide broad  theoretical knowledge –base of the MC,i.e.  I’ll also fit for public sector and/or non profit organisations and institutions.

Study plans

Assumed knowledge

Other useful information