Law and Business

programme:  Law and Business
area of education:Economics, Law
faculty:Faculty of Law and Administration
Prague: full-time, part-time
Karlovy Vary: full-time, part-time
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The study programme Law and Business , which is included in the study programmes of legal specialisation, provides students with a wide range of information from the area of private law and, up to a reasonable extent, of the public law.  That means that graduates will be able to process and assess issues of the area of various legal spheres, including European Competition Law.  This is a two year follow-up master study programme which focuses on using law, the graduates of which will not be, based on the current legal regulation, able to perform legally regulated, special legal occupations (advocate, notary, judge, etc.).

This follow-up master study programme will significantly widen a theoretical basis of the knowledge provided in the previous bachelor legal study programme, mainly of the programme called Law and Business .

In the course of study graduates will deepen, apart from the theoretical knowledge, their legal and technical skills. The programme focuses on strengthening skills of legal argumentation, in both, oral and written communication. Graduates will be able competently to cooperate at preparation of legal documents related to ordinary and less ordinary business activities.  They will be able to eruditely assess documents submitted by the other party and make relevant conclusions. 

Profile Subjects

  • Financial and Budgetary Law
  • Economic Crime
  • International Business Law
  • Law of Business Obligations
  • Labour Law
  • Legal Regulation of Corporations
  • Social Security Law
  • Trade Law


Graduates of the two year follow-up master study programme of Law and Business are prepared to perform higher management positions in private companies with a prospect of managing fully the companies after they have gained relevant practical experience.  They will be able to work also as legal specialists in  companies, in relation to various aspects of their activities. They can also work as top advisors, also in the area of international business and legal relations. They will be able to make business in their own company and manage it well, as they will be prepared for solving real problems  from the theoretical, as well as methodological point of view. Due to their good knowledge of economy and tax policy, they may get involved in activities of a public sphere, mainly in the area of economic and financial administration.

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