Security and Law Studies

programme:  Security and Law Studies
field of study:Security and Law Studies
faculty:Faculty of Law and Administration
Prague: full-time, part-time
Karlovy Vary: full-time, part-time
Most: full-time, part-time
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The Security Law Studies programme, part of the Security Law Studies, is designed to provide qualification in Law and Security, offering knowledge and expertise in wide range of subjects, such are Law, Criminalistics, Forensic Science, and Security Studies.

The graduates gain knowledge of related legal concepts, principles and rules of the national, European and international law and learn about their interaction and mechanism in practice. Students are introduced to all levels of appropriate legal sectors while the main emphasis is placed on criminal law, theory and practice in criminalistics, forensic disciplines and security issues. Added to that is the necessary learning of the psychological and sociological contexts of delinquency (values, standards, social deviance and pathology). Other subjects such as causes and treatments of corruption form another part of the study as well as basic perspectives on how to prevent these phenomena. Simultaneously, the students are taught how economic factors are reflected in practical problem solving and thus influencing specific security events in business, public administration, etc. In addition to the prime mastery of the criminal law, the graduates also acquire essential knowledge of criminology and criminalistics necessary for the effective protection of public order and law enforcement. Subsequently, the graduates have the corresponding command of the theory and methodology in the struggle against negative social phenomena.

Profile fields of study

  • Security Studies 1, 2
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Economic Criminality
  • Criminalistic Documentation
  • Criminalistic Method/Technique
  • Protection of People, Property, Information and Intellectual Property
  • Organization of Public Administration
  • Administrative and Constitutional Judiciary
  • Theory of Law
  • Criminal Law 1, 2
  • Constitutional Law and Theory of State
  • Introduction to Criminalist and Science Fundamentals
  • Basics of Sociology and Social Science Research


A Bachelor's Degree in the Security Law Studies will enable graduates to seek positions such as top security specialists at different institutions (Security Director, Director of Security, Detective Services etc.). The graduates will thus get extensive opportunities within the security sector of individual companies.

The study is intended to prepare highly qualified professionals (on both practical and theoretical level) and make it possible for them to hold responsible positions in state administration, public administration and in private sector. The aim is to provide a professional Bachelor's Degree in law and security specialization to prepare professionals for specific security professions. The graduates will be able to carry out efficiently professional work as security legal specialists within the middle management of any organization or institution.

Study plans

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