A long-term visa for the purpose of “studies”

Students staying in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days but less than 180 days require a long-term visa for the purpose of study, courses and stays shorter than 90 days – its enough to have a short-term Schengen visa.

Requirements for an application

It is necessary to know the specific requirements of the Embassy / Consulate in place


A registration in VISAPONT system


A completed application for a long-term permit

A completed application for a long-term visa


4 photographs of Schengen format


Valid passport (shall not be older than 10 years, and its validity must be at least 3 months longer than the validity of the long-term visa)


Confirmation on the enrolment in studies – issued

  • Proof of language skills
  • Payment of tuition per semester
  • A signed contract for the study


A document on financial security in the territory of the Czech Republic during the stay

  • It is necessary to prove the availability of funds that are 15 times the amount of the existential minimum (currently it is set at 2200 CZK for 2012) for the first month and double the amount of the existential minimum for every month afterwards, thus, for instance, for a stay from 1 January – 30 June it would be (15x2200) + (5x2x2200) = 33 000 + 22 000 = 55 000 CZK. A foreign national that is under 18 years proves the availability of half the amount.
  • Funds for the stay are proven by: an account statement from a bank or other financial institution (it must not necessarily concern a bank or financial institution authorized to operate its activity solely in the Czech Republic) for an account maintained in the foreign national’s name indicating that he/she is free to use the finances in the specified amount during his/her stay in the Czech Republic


A medical report that the foreign national does not suffer from a serious illness


Proof of accommodation for the whole duration of residence

  • Document on ownership of a flat or house such a document will be an original or a notarised copy of the statement from the property register or a purchasing agreement indicating the clause on the entry of ownership rights into the property register.
  • Document on entitlement to use a flat or house, such a document will be an original or a notarised copy of the rental agreement, sub-letting contract, accommodation agreement or an agreement with similar content.
  • The written confirmation of an owner or authorised user of a flat or house (tenant, a member of the co-operative) shall be supplemented with his/her notarised signature


The extract from the Penal Register record shall be issued by the state of which the foreign national is a citizen and also by states in which the foreign national has had continuous residence for over 6 months in the last 3 years.



  • Notarized consent of both parents with a notarized translation into Czech
  • If one parent has died or been deprived of parental rights must prove a notarized copy of the death certificate, respectively. court decision on deprivation of parental rights, and its certified translation into Czech


Consular fee 500 CZK


The copy of all documents, including data page of the passport and previous Schengen or CZ visas


An important role is played by an interview at the embassy when applying - careful preparation of students necessary; need for a successful job interview their understanding of study / program plan (especially language teaching, the time the study is completed, etc.), the crucial importance of validation, as well as awareness of the Czech Republic , Prague as a place of residence (why the student chose the Czech Republic / Prague, where he is, where he will live where the school is an estimated price range for rent, basic subsistence, etc.) - verification of documents and administered personality of the applicant

For Russian speakers:

The awarding long-term stays (a visa) is the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior (OAMP - Department for Asylum and Migration Policy), receiving the request and the prescribed requirements, including an interview, performs the MFA through embassies, respectively. their consular department (note: the role of consul or consular officer is extremely important: the interviewer, writes it and possibly some processes - ie written as (un) recommendations, etc.

Foreign language documents must be officially verified in Czech
The list of Court interpreters$$SearchForm?OpenForm

You are obliged to file the application for a long-term residence permit in person:
at a Czech Embassy or on the territoryapplication proceedings are not initiated if you do not visit the MOI office were the application was sent/submitted in person within 5 days from it being received. If this is the case, the office will inform you of the fact that proceedings were not initiated and will return the application to you along with any appendices.

In the event of filing the application at a Czech Embassy, the Czech Embassy works as an intermediary between the applicants and the body responsible the MOI. During the proceedings, the embassy communicates with the applicants, inviting them for an interview, informing them of the reasons for rejecting their application or invites them to arrive for the stamping of the visa for over 90 days for the purpose of collecting a residence permit.

The period of processing: 60 days of the request

Travel medical insurance (Negotiating after a positive decision)

The amount of the insurance benefit (the agreed insurance benefit limit for one insurance event must be at least EUR 60 000, that being without an insurance retention – A list of insurance companies authorised to provide their services in the Czech Republic can be found at the CNB (Czech National Bank) web pages, to a specific date (;

The relevant categories in the listing of the types of subjects are:

  • Insurance companies and branches of foreign insurance companies
  • Foreign insurance companies and branches of insurance companies providing cross-border services in the CR

A document on paying the insurance premium for an insurance policy for the entire period of the requested stay in the Czech Republic.

Its not necessary, if you are medical insured according to special legal regulation has the costs for health care covered on the basis of an international agreement, or can show that health care is covered in another manner.