MPA Program charakteristics

Program MPA (Master of Public Administration) in cooperation with The London South Bank University (LSBU), offer postgraduate studies which includes five compulsory modules and two optional specialization modules.
MPA at VSFS focuses on middle and senior managers in Public Administration and to those who aspire to leadership positions.
- also to members of municipal and local governments
- managers in other public sector organizations
- non – profit organizations, universities, hospitals, cultural institutions, police, army etc.
The program offers relevant current knowledge, skills and understanding to enable students effectively and efficiently manage the changes in the public sector environment and in public policy.


The London South Bank University The London South Bank University

The London South Bank University

Each module is taught in English in 2 blocks of 3 days and the program as a whole takes a minimum 20 months to complete. The program includes also online and discussion module of learning. The whole course takes 20 months in total.

The main emphasis is placed on practical projects and outputs in accordance with British style engagement methodology.

VSFS was directly responsible for the preparation of the MPA pilot for the Czech public-sector employees. The project was positively evaluated by the contracting authority.

The independent Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has awarded LSBU with the highest possible rating for the quality of its education.

According to the Guardian University League Tables 2011 LSBU was in the top 25% of all universities for adding value to students by granting highly relevant degrees that improve career prospects. LSBU students also achieved the 12th highest starting salaries of any university in the UK (source: Sunday Times University Guide 2011).

The advantages of studying MPA at VSFS:

  • Strong partner in Czech republic and UK
  • British degree certificate in Czech republic
  • Length of studies (20 months with one weekend every month)
  • Important practical knowledge and experience
  • Experienced tutors
  • Flexibility of studies and customer service

The modules are exactly the same as taught in London on the MPA programme. All assessments will be set and marked by LSBU accredited and certified VSFS lecturers.