Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Basic information

CityUThe 3-year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program deals with the study of corporate management and is organized in cooperation with City University of Seattle, USA. It is taught in English and opened once a year in October. In Prague the program is offered in an accelerated form.
It can only be studied simultaneously with regular bachelor study at the University of Finance and Administration as the program Joint Degree. On completing all the requirements the student is granted the internationally recognized diploma of City University of Seattle.

The structure of the program is based on the syllabus of City University of Seattle whose lecturers participate in the teaching process together with part-time lecturers of VSFS teaching at foreign schools in the Czech Republic. All the lecturers hold the certificate of City University of Seattle and meet the highest demands on professional and practical experience, language and pedagogical skills. Most of them teach the MBA program as well.

BSBA entrance condition is a secondary school leaving examination (GCSE). The applicants will also be expected to have a good command of English because all classes are in English. The applicants can take a special test as a substitute of an English exam.

BSBA Student´s Status

  • A regular student of City University of Seattle, USA
  • The right to register in BSBA courses at all City University branches
  •  Free access to City University of Seattle facilities – extensive online library
  • Access to discussion forum
  • Own study profile on City University of Seattle  web sites: CityU portal account – Blackboard e-learning platform, MyCityU portal (library, online databases)


VSFS and City University of Seattle aim to offer professional managerial education to everyone who strives for a top management position. The ever-changing business environment requires high flexibility, creativity and flair for decision-making, as well as a firm hand when selecting and implementing proposed solutions and the ability to communicate effectively in the English speaking business environment. Further, we aim to supply flexible study courses to satisfy even the busiest managers and directors, a competitive price, opportunities to benchmarking with all the BSBA students at VSFS. We also provide student loans to make the study programs more affordable.

Target group

  • Multi-national companies
  • Banking and financial sector
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Associations of professionals
  • Middle and top management
  • Members of supervisory and administrative boards
  • Undergraduates from VSFS and other universities and institutions
  • Life-long learning candidates



BSBA can not be studied as single program at University of Finance and Administration in Prague. Possible is only unique combination of Czech bachelor study and BSBA (Joint Degree B program) in cooperation with City University of Seattle, USA.