Diploma Supplement

The University of Finance and Administration provides all its graduates with a Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge. The Supplement is bilingual – English and Czech.

This Diploma Supplement model was developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO / CEPES. The purpose of the supplement is to provide sufficient independent data to improve the international ‘transparency’ and fair academic and professional recognition of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates etc.). It is designed to provide a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies that were pursued and successfully completed by the individual named on the original qualification to which this supplement is appended. It should be free from any value judgements, equivalence statements or suggestions about recognition. Information in all eight sections should be provided. Where information is not provided, an explanation should give the reason why.

The Diploma Supplement includes the list of all taken examinations and achieved grades, table of subjects attended during the studies with the respective number of credits and grades according to the ECTS scale. Subjects of possible study abroad, information on final thesis and its defence, state examination and general assessment of the studies are also included. The supplement covers information on the national tertiary educational system in the Czech Republic.

The University of Finance and Administration has been providing the Diploma Supplement since the academic year 2005/2006.

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