Our web pages rank among the first best ones in Europe. We occupy the fourteenth place in the World.

Our web pages rank among the first best ones in Europe. We occupy the fourteenth place in the World.


The web pages od VŠFS rank among the world top web pages as they occupy the nineth place in Europe and the fourteenth place in the world on the ranking list called "Ranking Web of World Business School". This ranking is announced every year by the Spanish research institute Cybermetrics Lab which focuses on the quantitative analysis of Internet and contents of web pages. This year none of other Czech high schools or universities attained such a great success.

The following universities and high schools rank among the first tens in Europe:

  1. Copenhagen Business School (Denmark)
  2. INSEAD Business School (France)
  3. Instituto de Empresa Business School (Spain)
  4. Universidad de Navarra IESE Business School (Spain)
  5. University of Aarhus School of Business (Denmark) 
  6. Norwegian School of Management / Handelshřyskolen BI (Norway)
  7. ESADE Business School (Spain)
  8. Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (Norway)
  9. College of Finance and Administration Prague (Czech Republic)
  10. Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden)

For the world ranking list click on here.

The research institute Cybermetrics Lab is a part of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). This institute has more than 120 research centres and institutions in Spain. The ranking is done twice a year while 1500 high schools of economy are ranked.

A few key criteria decide upon the ranking, like accessability in the four largest explorers, a number of unique references to the evaluated pages and a number of scientific papers published on the web. For the details of the research click on:

The evaluation does not focus only on the main web pages of universities but it also focuses on other pages in the domaine. Therefore, it is also a full release of the reviewed scientific magazine ACTA, published by the college, an information system of the college and pages of the The Library Services Centre, which contributed to the success.