Graduation ceremony cancelled

Graduation ceremony cancelled


Dear Graduates,

For the first time in the University´s history I am forced and truly sorry to forward such an unpleasant notice. Unfortunately, the event you and those who had supported you during your studies looked forward to – the graduation ceremony – is cancelled due to hygienic and epidemic circumstances in Prague. We are indeed unhappy about it and I understand it is similarly unpleasant for you and your families. However, I believe you understand the necessity to make this decision in order to protect you and members of your families from any medical issues.

Dear Graduates, I believe we will meet under more favourable circumstances on an event organised by VŠFS for you.

In a follow-up email you will receive the information about the dates and times your diplomas will be available.

I wish you stay safe and well,
Bohuslava Šenkýřová
VŠFS Rector