With Anna Fernstädt about sports and study.

Anna, how would you evaluate your first season at VŠFS. Did it meet your expectations?

It did, absolutely. I am happy that the school allowed me to have an individual study plan, in my case, I don´t see any other way. I studied a lot before the season and I continue now and will continue after the season ends when I don´t race. I will be more often in Prague and at school.

You are studying at the University of Finance and Administration, specifically the Economics and Management program. Do you already have a favourite subject or teacher? 

I enjoy micro and macroeconomics, but also mathematics. And also German, I finished it already (smile). When it comes to teachers, I am in contact only with Mr Budinsky. Because skeleton is quite time-consuming I am not able to attend the school very often and I try to do remotely as much as I can. 

Is studying in English difficult? 

It is difficult for me to study alongside professional sport in general – and it doesn´t matter in what language. 

English, German, Czech – in which language do you feel most comfortable? 

Definitely in German, because I lived in Germany since the age of one, I went to school there, spent the majority of my life there and also represented Germany. I only used Czech in my family, but I think I am quite good at it too. I learned English only later as my third language. But I don´t have a problem with it because I speak English the whole season with my Canadian coach or with other contestants. That is apart from the German and Austrian ones, I speak German with them. 

Other athletes that represent the Czech Republic in winter sports, Ester Ledecká and Jan Zbystřan, also study at our school. Do you ever talk about studying at VŠFS? 

That didn´t happen yet. I don´t even know them very well. We have the same agency and managers but we don´t meet, we all have a very busy schedule. Plus, Ester already has a bachelor´s degree and I´m just getting started. 

Thank you for the interview, we wish you a lot of success on the ice and in the study!

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