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The International Conference Controlling in SMEs – beyond numbers will take place on April 25, 2014.

The world guru of modern controlling Professor PÉTER HORVÁTH in Prague!

Changes in world markets caused by globalization of multinational companies, by the integration of large regions and the consequence of the global crisis have affected the management of large corporations as well as medium-sized enterprises. Do not miss the conference, which shows that controlling and risk management, as a counterweight to corporate vision, mission and plans is the key to the survival of small and medium-sized companies.

Invitation to this international conference "Controlling in SMEs - beyond numbers" accepted also the world guru of modern controlling Professor PÉTER HORVÁTH, however the role and concept of controlling in the current business will be described also by other respected experts. By this event the largest Czech private economic university VSFS follows the successful conference “Business management in the post-crisis period”.


Prof. Péter Horváth, is considered the guru of controlling, the most significant and cited expert on the controlling world-wide, Professor of Universität Stuttgart and author of the world best-selling book „Controlling“

Prof. Sergey Falko, one of the world's most cited experts on Controlling, Professor of State Technical University in Moscow and chairman of the Association of Controlling in Russia

Prof. Elefterios Thalassinos, eminent Greek Professor of Financial Management at University of Piraeus, European Chair Jean Monnet and ERSJ General Editor and Publisher

Prof. Bohumil Král, Professor of University of Economics, Prague, Head of Managerial Accounting Department and the most cited Czech author in the field of controlling and managerial accounting, author of “Manažerské účetnictví“ (Managerial accounting book) Karel Havlíček, Dean of FES University of Finance & Administration, specialized in Controlling of small and medium-sized enterprises, author of „Management & Controlling malé a střední firmy“ (Management & Controlling of SMEs), chairman of the Czech Association of SMEs.  This book will be given to participants of the conference as a gift (included in the conference fee).

PDF Speaker Profiles, 1.1 MB


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