Economics and Management

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název programu:  Economics and Management
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The programme is designed for graduates from Bachelor’s studies of economic programmes. It is primarily targeted on development of professional knowledge and skills necessary for management of various types of organizational units (especially corporations and their departments). Content coverage of particular courses is oriented on acquirement of trend findings in particular fields of knowledge; and ability to apply consequent considerations into business practice by means of solving case studies and elaborated projects. The study takes into account the trends of further higher education development for Industry 4.0 – it enables acquiring necessary soft skills, i.e. creativity, entrepreneurship, presentation and communication skills, team work, general ability of pro-active approach and capability to find innovative solutions, which are required by the market.

Common profile courses

  • Strategic corporate management
  • Strategic human resources management
  • Corporate financial management
  • Trade management
  • Corporate marketing management
  • Innovations and change management
  • Controlling

Specialized courses of Corporate management  

  • Lobbing
  • Cross-culture Management
  • Logistics systems
  • Quality management

Specialized courses of Corporate finance management

  • Tax theory and policy
  • Accounting systems
  • Current trends on financial markets
  • Capital operations


Study programme ensures a comprehensive preparation of executive staff for higher managerial positions in business corporations, holding structures, SME’s, in the field of domestic and international trade, self-employed and family businesses, services and/or non-profit legal subjects.

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Navazující magisterské studium
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