Economics and Management

Bakalářské studium
název programu:  Economics and Management
vzdělávací oblast:Ekonomické obory
fakulta:Fakulta ekonomických studií
Praha: prezenční studium

The programme proposes to its graduates to combine the knowledge of theoretical backgrounds in connection with their practical application with the help of study courses primarily targeted on activities of particular business units. The programme is based on economic and critical thinking oriented on entrepreneurship, business, inventiveness, creativity, presentation and communication skills, proactive approach towards the world and fair-minded approach towards new forms of business activities. Emphasis is posed on exact thinking which is based upon validated qualitative and quantitative data; on ability to work with information, and with information and presentation systems. Entrepreneurial activities are introduced on scientific background as the sequence of mutually connected projects and processes within particular business units which are steered with a help of strategic and operative planning and decision making. Graduates will be able to react to changing market conditions in business activities thanks to comprehensive and professional knowledge and skills. In the last year of studies, they will elaborate a feasible business plan which will be offered to potential investors via Mini Day D.

Profile courses

  • Corporate management
  • Modern management
  • Human resources management
  • Corporate finance resources
  • International trade relations
  • Corporate Financial Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Business model
  • Auditing


Study programme ensures a comprehensive preparation of executive staff for middle managerial positions in business corporations, holding structures, SME’s, in the field of domestic and international trade, self-employed and family businesses, services and/or non-profit legal subjects.

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Bakalářské studium
bakalářské studium