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The branch is designed for graduates of bachelor study of economically oriented disciplines. It primarily focuses on developing the expertise and skills needed to manage different types of organizational units (especially businesses and their parts). The content focus of the individual subjects is focused on the acquisition of trend knowledge in individual fields and the ability to apply the resulting reflections to the company practice by solving case studies and processed projects. The study takes into account the direction of the further development of Higher Education for Industry 4.0 - it enables the acquisition of the necessary soft skills that are required by the creativity, entrepreneurship, presentation ability, communication and teamwork skills, general ability to actively access the world, the ability to find innovative solutions.

Why to study BUSINESS MANAGEMENT at VSFS Prague?

  • Fully ACCREDITED study program in English
  • EXPERIENCED lecturers
  • Tuitions with TOP MANAGERS of export oriented companies
  • Reflection of the MARKET TRENDS
  • Implementation of real BUSINESS NEEDS into  tuitions
  • COMPLEXITY which future manager needs (not only a narrow specialisation)
  • Building ties with ACHIEVERS and lobbying

You’ll acquire competence in:

  • Company management in the growth period as well as in crises
  • Managing the business at the traditional and emerging territories
  • Interconnection between theory and practice
  • Building ties with achievers and lobbying

Your profession / You will succeed in:

  • Management positions in trading as well as manufacturing companies
  • Banks and investment companies
  • Consulting, accounting and auditing companies
  • Area of private companies’ development or their restructuring
  • Expert positions in multinational corporations

Selected core Courses

  • Strategic business management
  • Strategic management of human resources
  • Financial management of the company
  • Business management
  • Business marketing management
  • Innovation and change management
  • Controlling

Specialization courses Business management

  • Lobbying
  • Management across cultures
  • Logistics systems
  • Quality control

Specialization courses Corporate Finance Management

  • Tax Theory and Policy
  • Accounting systems
  • Current developments in financial markets
  • Capital operations

The learning outcome

The study program provides a comprehensive preparation of senior managers for higher managerial positions in business corporations, holding structures, small and medium-sized enterprises, domestic and foreign trade, independent self-employment, family businesses, In nonprofit subjects in which knowledge of a foreign language is required.

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Global program

Studijní program lze studovat také v kombinaci tzv. Global program, který se skládá z magisterského studia na VSFS a MBA, které je organizováno jako kurzy City University of Seattle.

Navazující magisterské studium
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