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The aim of the field is to connect graduates with theoretical background in connection with their practical application through study subjects primarily focused on the activities of individual business units. It is based on economic and critical thinking oriented towards entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, creativity, creativity, presentation and communication, active attitude towards the world, open access to new forms of entrepreneurship. Emphasis is placed on accurate thinking, based on proven qualitative and quantitative data, on the ability to work with information, with trend information and presentation systems. Business is a science-based business as a sequence of interconnected projects and processes of specific corporate departments that are managed through strategic and operational planning, decision making. Through general and expert knowledge and skills, graduates will be able to respond to changing market conditions in business.

Because of the progress in the global market and demands of companies for graduates which are not only language equipped, but above all capable of terminology based interaction and interconnection with international groups, VSFS university now offers the fully accredited Bachelor’s degree study program conducted in ENGLISH. The Czech version of this study program results in our graduates having the best opportunities in the job market.

The study program is designed for the all-round preparation of experts and widely exercisable managers with a great potential for further career growth. They’ll be ready for production, business and services at the international level.

Throughout the study, the theoretical base is systematically complemented by practical examples from both domestic and international companies and students acquire practical skills to help with their theoretical knowledge.

One of the main benefits of the Bachelor’s degree study program conducted in English is its multicultural feature of student groups and an active communication with foreign exchange students, as well as the possibility of the participation of our students in academic activities at VSFS partner universities abroad (Erasmus etc.).

Why to study BUSINESS MANAGEMENT at VSFS Prague?

  • Fully ACCREDITED study program in English
  • EXPERIENCED lecturers
  • Tuitions with TOP MANAGERS of export oriented companies
  • Reflection of the MARKET TRENDS
  • Implementation of real BUSINESS NEEDS into  tuitions
  • COMPLEXITY which future manager needs (not only a narrow specialisation)

You’ll acquire competence in:

  • Company management in the growth period as well as in crises
  • Managing the business at the traditional and emerging territories
  • Interconnection between theory and practice
  • Building ties with achievers and lobbying

Your profession / You will succeed in:

  • Management positions in trading as well as manufacturing companies
  • Banks and investment companies
  • Consulting, accounting and auditing companies
  • Area of private companies’ development or their restructuring
  • Expert positions in multinational corporations

Selected Basic Courses

  • Modern management
  • Business management
  • Fundamentals of Law, Civil and Business Law
  • Corporate Finance, Public Finance
  • Accounting  & Auditing
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business model
  • Customer Relationshop Management

Use students

The study program provides a comprehensive preparation of senior managers for middle management positions in business corporations, holding structures, small and medium-sized enterprises, domestic and foreign trade, self-employed self-employed, family businesses, In non-profit entities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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Global program

Studijní program lze studovat také v kombinaci tzv. Global program, který se skládá z bakalářského studia na VSFS a BSBA, které je organizováno jako kurzy City University of Seattle.

Bakalářské studium
bakalářské studium