Joint Degree B program (Bc. + BSBA)

What is the Joint Degree B program?

VSFS students enrolled in the accredited Bachelor´s and Master's programs may enter a special, extended study program - the Joint Degree - for bachelor´s Joint Degree “B”, for masters Joint Degree “M”.

Joint Degree “B” is combination of accredited bachelor program and the BSBA program organised with City University of Seattle (CityU). After three years of study, successful students obtain two degrees - BSBA + Bc.

VSFS shall grant the Bc. degree recognized throughout the EU. BSBA is awarded by City University of Seattle and is valid in the U.S. and internationally.

VŠFS offers Joint Degree B in the following fields:

Business Management and Corporate Finance + BSBA

Marketing Communication + BSBA

Who may apply?

The Joint Degree program is designed for VSFS students with excellent knowledge of English, seeking leading positions in corporate management or running their own business. Content of the study is focused on fostering skills such as flexibility, creativity, managerial competence in the selection and promotion of proposed solutions and the ability to communicate effectively in an international environment and global society.

Why study the joint degree?

  • joint curricula of VSFS and CityU programs provides students with the best of both programs
  • duplicity in the course content is removed - important time savings
  • compact parallel studies represent a major price savings
  • access to the academic community and information resources of CityU
  • student profile in City University of Seattle portal can be used as a reference
  • opportunity to participate in student mobility throughout the CityU global network