Vysoka skola financni a spravni - VSFS
(The University of Finance and Administration)


We are a modern, dynamically developing private school in the Czech republic, offering Bachelor degree programs (title Bc), follow-up Master degree programs (title Ing.) and Doctoral Degree program.
Thanks to cooperation with City University of Seattle we reached an exclusive City University of Seattle branch status in the Czech Republic with complete study program portfolio including Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Last but not least „tailor-made“ education programs based on special requirements of our partners in education are offered.


Bankovni akademie a.s. (The Bank Academy) and Czech Coal a.s. founded VSFS in 1999. Within that year, it was given state approval to provide tertiary education programs.
During its life-span, VSFS opened two more branches in cities of Kladno and Most.
In 2009, the University of Finance and Administration has received state approval for Doctoral study program and became the first private University of Economics in the Czech Republic.


The number of students enrolled at Vysoka skola financni a spravni for academic year 2009/2010

Bachelor program

Class-in study:

1 393

Combined study:

  2 287


3 680

Master program

Class-in study:



1 281


1 690

Total in general:

 5 370