Partnership of Schools

The Partnership of Schools represents an extraordinary system of private schools of different degrees.

Besides the University of Finance and Administration, the first private university of economics in the Czech Republic, it joins the grammar school, high school and vocational college falling under the Bank Academy. This year the Partnership of Schools was enlarged by the accession of Wonder Schools – elementary schools and kindergartens – which are under intensive preparations for opening.

Education for all generations

The prepared Wonder Schools – kindergartens and elementary schools will work under the montessori system. After their talented schoolchildren reach 11 years of age, parents may decide to enrol them at the eight-year BAG8 grammar school. However, it is not late to start using the advantages of the Partnership of Schools even after completing elementary school. At 15 years of age, interested students may enter the Bank Academy's high school. There are a number of study programmes to choose from: those focused on economics with extended language instruction, those concentrating on marketing communication and media or on travel and tourism. And after graduation from secondary school there is again something to choose from. Either one can continue to study at the Bank Academy's vocational college and after gaining the title of DiS. to put behind his/ her name upon its completion take up a professional career (the graduates are much sought-after in Czech as well as foreign institutions), or go on to get a bachelor's diploma. After graduation from secondary school it is, of course, possible to enrol directly for studies at the University of Finance and Administration. And this holds true even if you did not pass into adulthood "yesterday", but "many" years ago. After all, it is precisely the pages which you are just looking at, which present VŠFS to you.

Quality decides

There are not many such comprehensively designed educational projects in the Czech Republic to compare with the Partnership of Schools. It is primarily their quality what decides about their success and future existence. The Partnership of Schools guarantees interconnection and continuity of individual educational degrees and specializations, as well as high quality instruction, client-oriented (individual) approach to students, excellent technological equipment and friendly environment with pleasant atmosphere in the course of study. You can see for yourself at open days, which are held regularly by all types of schools joined in the Partnership.