Business Management and Corporate Finance - Global Program

Bc. + BSBAIng. + MBA
Navazující magisterské studium
název oboru:  Business Management and Corporate Finance & MBA
titul:Ing. + MBA
program:Economics and Management (N6208)
fakulta:Fakulta ekonomických studií
Praha: prezenční studium, kombinované studium

The Global Program offers a unique opportunity to gain two recognised academic and managerial qualifications within the timeframe of just one program. Diplomas and titles are issued by the University of Finance and Administration (Ing.) and City University of Seattle (MBA).

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic,
Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities,
Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS)

Length of study:
2 years


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For general enquiries:
Ing. Monika Aiznerová

For information about Global Program:
Bc. Petr Čá, 210 088 816

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Navazující magisterské studium
Bc. + BSBAIng. + MBA
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